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Social Media does not replace Advertising.

If you evaluate each ad by asking, "Who might this offend?" you will never craft an ad sharp enough to pierce the clutter.  "Roy H. Williams"


know your customers before they get to  know you.

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Don't write an ad so it won't upset anyone.  Make it provocative and be prepared for complaints.  You will never please everyone, and if you do, your ad will be ineffective.


When a customer walks into your store they should see themselves - like looking into a mirror


It's easier to sell something by agreeing with what your customer thinks than by trying to change her mind.  Try to modify, not change the customer's core belief about your brand.


A red guitar for people without one

Carnival game with the right Coke Cans

If everyone thought the same it would be easy to sell to them.  In the real world everyone thinks differently about your products.  Knowing consumer behavior is critical.   You have to get inside their head to get them inside your store.

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Whenever I wear my “carnie” hat I think of dozens of examples that work for the marketing business. For instance, a retailer with no writing experience who is writing his own radio commercials is, for sure, missing all...


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So you still don’t think advertising works, that it won’t help your business, that it’s a waste of money?  Well let me tell you a quickstory about my recent Kijiji experience and then you tell me if you still don’t think advertising works.



This is Skillo Marketing, an advertising, marketing and entertainment company. We specialize in helping businesses increase sales with customer-targeted marketing and advertising solutions

Skillo offers counsel in all advertising categories including television, radio, newspaper, magazines and billboards.  We can make your social media work harder with campaigns specifically for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube,Google AdWords  and with a custom built website.

At the Entertainment end of things, we write and develop ideas for television shows and operate carnival games.  That’s right, Carnival games! They help us get a handle on the marketplace by staying in touch with consumers.