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We love this wisdom from the Wizard of Ads

"Everyone knows that the stronger your ad the more complaints you get.  True and fantastic."  .....Roy Williams.

"I'm sick of hearing your ads."
TRANSLATION: "It makes me mad that I can't ignore you."

"Your ads don't sound professional. They're not polished and smooth."
TRANSLATION: "It makes me mad that your ads stand out."

"I'm offended by your ads and I'll never do business with you."
TRANSLATION: "Complaining is what I do to make me feel important."

What you leave out of an ad is just as important as what you put into it.

It would be easy to find a needle in a haystack if you just left out the hay.  So take the hay out of your ads.

   You shouldn't use your business name in an ad more often than it would come up in a normal conversation.

   Do not proclaim that you are "number one."  Most people won't believe you and it shows you have nothing else to say that is relevant to your customer.

   Leave out any claims you can't substantiate such as "best value in the country."  People are smart and see through your hubris.

   If your message is too complicated change it or leave it out.  Techies you  are guilty.  Take note, SEO means little to a shoe store.  Just tell them you'll get them found on Google.

   Leave out cliches, comparisons and promises you can't deliver on.

   If you know your audience already knows something then leave it out. "This winter it's going to be cold so buy an Acme furnace." 

   Now that the hay is gone the needle (message) is easy to find.


This is the really fun part of the site.  It's filled with advertising tips and advice that might help you think harder about your approach to marketing your business.

Some of our advice comes from Skillo's own in-the-field experience.  Some comes from ideas expressed by an amazing marketing guru named Roy H. Williams, AKA The Wizard of Ads.  

So browse around and we guarantee you'll recognize lots that you already do and even more that you don't do.