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Now Hiring for 2018 Canadian National Exhibition. Skillo is now looking for outgoing young people currently enrolled in University to work as Midway Game Managers at Toronto's annual Exhibition - The CNE (aka The EX).  Work is from mid August until Labour Day.  Please email resume and cover letter to address below

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Where is this big annual carnival located?  Hint: In Canada

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Using the right Coke cans pay off.
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Do you know what this carnival memorabilia is? 

They are called "Punks."  Wanna know what they do?  Call us.

Ride, Game and Food concession rentals.

Skillo can help you plan your event or festival with a broad selection of rides, games and food concessions.  Having a company picnic or Christmas party?  We can supply you with whatever you need to make your event a success. Call us at 416 709-1640 or send an email: 
For most of his life, Skillo President John Luciani has had a passion for carnivals.  As a kid growing up with a father in the carnival business, John learned that it was a great way to earn tuition, learn about life and always have a summer job.
However, school and a career outside the carnie world beckoned and John became a successful advertising executive.  But his love of the carnie business never diminished and today John still owns and operates carnie games and writes marketing advice from what he learns on the midway. "It's a natural fit for gathering consumer knowledge and research" he says.  "Oh, and it's free!"

Be sure to check out our section on CarnieMarketing.  It's a collection of great marketing advice taken from the carnival midways of North America.