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Successful people are taken out of their comfort zone and forced to live on the streets.  A Panel of Experts determines who is best at the game of urban survival.

Currently looking for Kidpreneurs 14 and under

In development now, a TV documentary reality series about young kids running  successful businesses.  We're looking for kids who've leaped past a paper route and treat a lemonade stand like child's play.  Kids with entrepreneurial skills who've built their businesses into successful enterprises.  Ideally you have annual sales of at least $25,000. There is no category of business that will not be considered. 

The show will watch you as you run and grow your business. No time for video games,  you're too busy being an entrepreneur, taking care of school and fixing your company's problems. Your proud parents are there to back you up and help out.  Maybe you have siblings who work for you. 

If you've ever thought about appearing on Shark Tank or Dragons Den you are probably the sort of junior CEO we're looking for.  A TV series will give you and your business great exposure.

Send an email to convince us you're reality TV material.

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We're working on new ideas for TV shows all the time.  These are a few of those currently in development.  Got an idea you think could be a hit TV show?  Give us a call or send an email.

Watch Wrecker as North America's largest towing company answers some of the most dangerous, funniest and most scary of its 200,000 annual calls.
One of the largest wholesale produce markets in the world is run by a handful of families who compete hard to sell their perishable inventory before it's worthless.
Follow a family of Carnies with MBAs and a law degree as they outwit the competition to set up their fairs, festivals and events.